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The Organization

LLM International was birthed from the painful, yet cultivating season of finding Lencia's purpose and clearing out the demons in her closet. LLM International, Inc is an organization that empowers, encourages, and inspires strong women leaders. She provides the support system that people are void of in their lives. She teaches, trains, cultivates, and activates individuals into their destiny and purpose. 

Her main focus is helping women identify how to transform their internal beauty to match, and even exceed, their external beauty.


The International Impact & Engage Speaker

Lencia is a dynamic speaker and lover of people! She has an incredible testimony and has a gift for empowering people through it. She deals with matters of the heart, marketplace, and the wholeness of women.  She conducts small cell events and large conferences that nurture the spirit and soul of the women. Being a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence, she prides herself on helping others heal and own their pain to produce healthy and functional lives.

Lencia realized the key to a healthy business is having a healthy leader. Therefore, she provides 1 on 1 coaching, small group sessions, and mentoring to produce LEADERS who can reproduce themselves and positively impact their local communities and abroad.

Lencia has been impacting, engaging, and empowering groups since 2012, and has spoken to crowds in Nairobi, Kenya and Kensington, London.


The Author

Lencia published her 1st ebook in 2017 titled The Power of Saying No, available on Amazon. It tells about the freedom that people receive from being imprisoned in always saying ”yes”, by saying ”NO”.

She most recently released her sophomore book, Grind & Grace: 21 Day Purpose Guide for the Strong Friend in 2019. This book has been the catalyst for so many in their personal development quest. It’s about putting in the work on YOU, before attempting to pour into other. It is also available on Amazon.