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LLM International, Inc

LLM International was birthed from the painful, yet cultivating season of finding Lencia's purpose and clearing out the demons in her closet. LLM International, Inc is an organization that empowers, encourages, and inspires, not just women, but people in general. We are the support system that people are void of in their lives. We teach, train, cultivate, and activate individuals into their destiny and purpose. Mostly, we focus on women being accountable to one another and being our sister's keeper. Whether it is family, ministry, school, or business, it takes a village and LLM does our best to connect or be the resources that are needed to take a leap of faith!


Motivational Speaker

Lencia is a dynamic motivational speaker and lover of people! She has an incredible testimony and has a gift for empowering people through it. She deals with matters of the heart, marketplace, and the wholeness of women.  She conducts small cell events and large conferences that nurture the spirit and soul of the women. Being a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence, she prides herself on helping others heal and own their pain to produce healthy and functional lives.

Lencia realized the key to a healthy business is having a healthy leader. Therefore, she provides 1 on 1 coaching, small group sessions, and mentoring to produce LEADERS who can reproduce themselves and positively impact their local communities and abroad.

One of her most recent contributions to this cause, is an ebook titled, The Power of Saying NO! This is her first of many writings that will be published in 2018! Click on the link above to download your copy today!


Family Woman

Lencia has been married to her husband, Antwoyne for 14 years and they have 4 children: Jaela, 17, Xyon, 13, Antwoyne, Jr, 12, and Bryson, 5. She adores her family and love seeing them grow, especially Bryson, who was diagnosed with autism, but manages to excel beyond belief! She managed being a full time wife and mom while obtaining a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and is currently working on her Masters in the same concentration.

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