High Heels & Pearls "The Brand"


In a world of sex, seduction, and low self esteem, Lencia has taken on the challenge to teach women how to be classy, elegant, and respect the person they see in the mirror. 

High Heels & Pearls is her trademarked brand that allows her to host healing events that empower the WHOLE woman! Women have a different posture and confidence when walking in high heels. Lencia taps into that and activates the esteem of the women, so their inside confidence matches their outside confidence. Pearls has always been the symbol of elegance, class, and poise. With that type of representation, Lencia captures the attention of many, and teaches them how embrace what's inside of them, instead of what society shows them.

Be An Elephant-The True Queen Of The Jungle

One of the most noticeable characteristics of an elephant is that IT IS NOTICEABLE! The size of an elephant is intimidating; however, it is her wisdom, poise, and confidence that makes other animals think twice about challenging her, and other elephants follow her. Her skin is tough, but she never loses the compassion and softness of motherhood. With every step she makes, thunder roars! She isn't unsure of herself. When she trumpets, predators run away from her, while other elephants take notice and pay her close and careful attention!

 This is how YOU should feel every day! You should be confident in who you are and where you are going! It's okay if you don't feel that way right now. Book a consultation session with me, so we can set the foundation as I teach and guide you into elephant stature!

I have a 90-day course called Mastering the Journey. This course is guaranteed to boost your self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence, sense of purpose, and connection(s) to the right resources to take your journey to the next level! Release your fear and book your seat below today!

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